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Im building a new PC(my 1st)
Wondering what is the minimum wattage PSU I should get.
My new build will contain the following-
Intel i5 2500k(3,.3Ghz)
Kingston HyperX blu 8GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600)
Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 LGA 1155 H61 mATX Intel Mother Board
Cooler Master Ball Bearing Case Fan 80 mm
I also have a PCI E GPU from my old pc
geoforce 210(1.5 Gb) PNY
I generally run 2-3 usb devices at most,,a xbox controller
Wireless N Belkin adapter
and my monitor Dell 2407 wfp-HC
I dont game too much but like too when I want too,Hence the i5.
I'll be running windows 7 x64
Also any suggestions on a new GPU (old still works) but doesnt meet all of todays requirements.

Thank you in advance
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  1. That gpu is really low end, and not suitable for gaming at all. What is your budget for a gpu and power supply? For what you have, a good 400watt would be plent of power, but if you get a different gpu it may change your power requirements
    For what you have now, and even if you upgrade to a low/mid new graphics card, this will work great
    If you get a more midrange card, then this one
    any half decent new video card will be another $80-$150 on top of the power supply
  2. I recommend you to go for a better motherboard,with a new chipset. It will help you utilise the on-die graphics of i5-2500k along with your GPU. As GI_JONES said,that GPU is really weak. Unfortunately, I have one(I am not a gamer,by the way). I think the HD 3000 of your i5-2500k will perform better than your GPU in gaming
  3. The gpu I listed was my old one ,,for a old pentium D build.It got the job done,but I wont be able to replace it right away so I listed it.I play portal 2,,GTA SA,GOW, with it now and it works great.Though I am aware of its down sides.I could spend around 100$ or so on a new one soon.What would you recommend,in that range?
  4. Also what board should I get that WOULD take advantage of this CPU?
    the reason I am getting this one is that I'll get it for $4.99 with my package deal.But they'll take off $ from any one I get so please make a lower price recommendation that doesnt suck.Also I do my PC shopping at Micro Center in cambridge,if that matter's.
  5. Dont listen to mahroofali..he wants you to spend a bunch of money on a new motherboard, so you can use the 2500k's on board graphics. This makes no sense as you still will only have intel 3000 graphics which isnt any better than what you have. Tom's guide on gaming graphics cards says the AMD 6670 is the best card for under$100 (or a 5670 if you can find one). Also the nvidia gt440 is a viable alternative
  6. Thank's a lot for the help/information to everybody.

    Take care all
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