G1.Sniper.M3 or UD3H

Along with i5 3570k oc to 4ghz - 4.3
and radon 7870 oc
Corsair GS600
G1.Sniper m3 or ud3h ??

Sniper might fail on Me cause 4 pin CPU and Marx.
Kinda leaning towards ud3h
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  1. id like to know the budget, location, and parts that you already have for the new upcoming system that you are building

    4pin will do fine with that low level overclock. id get a z77x-d3h but my suggestion would change from what you are going to put into the rig
  2. I5:3570k Oct to 4 - 4.2
    msi r7870 hawk oc
    UD3H or G1.Sniper M3
    G.skill Sniper 8GB 1600
    Western Digital Blue 1TB new gen
    Cm storm enforcer
    home premium 64

    location Australia

    Website? MSY technology

    Thanks hope can help me out,

    All parts cost $1000 , kinda expensive over here.

    Those motherboard cost same price
  3. -id get a gtx 660 if that is cheaper. good ones are from asus, msi, and gigabyte
    -you only need 500w.
    -if you have a corsair carbide 300R or 200R and its cheaper, get that instead

    get the cheaper motherboard of the 2
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