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Running Windows XP with a 802.11n wireless card built in to my laptop. Just bought a new wireless n access point, configured it to be wireless n only and connected my laptop to it no problems. but i noticed at various times when i hover over the wireless connection icon in my dock, the Mbps i'm getting keeps fluctuating. i've seen it go as low as 26 Mbps to up in the 100s. shouldn't it be staying somewhere up in the 100s? did i screw up setting this up?
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  1. you may visit your ISP provider............

  2. It's nothing to do with your ISP and is more of an indication of transfer speed between the router and your computer than the speed of your Internet connection.

    If there's no transfer going on, I wouldn't expect it to max out in the hundreds but you can test it by going to an FTP site and downloading something substantial to see if it remains high while the download is actually transferring.

  3. Right, nothing to do with my ISP, its just what the connection speed is from my laptop to my router. It does go up to the highest speeds, but i just found it curious that sometimes when i'd hover my mouse over the wireless icon, it would say its so low, you figure it would stay connected to the wireless router at the same highest speed at all times.

    not sure if its an energy setting or that's how N works or what.
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