PCI Express slot problem?

I've been reading all over the internet and I'm not seeing a clear answer any where on this issue. Seems there are tons of people complaining that their pci-e slot not working. I'm having the same problem and can't figure out what the problem is. I'm 100% its the slot/mobo and heres how I know for sure. Tried vid card in differnt computer and instantly worked. Bought new power supply to make sure it was getting enough power(620w). Ive heard to try updating bios but no one is reporting any luck with that either. It's as if the the pci-e slot is not turned on or its fried. But its hard for me to believe all these people have burned up pci-e slots. (maybe theres a problem with them going bad?) One more thing to add. In cpu-z under mainboard--> graphic interface
Nothing shows up and its completely greyed out. And I have seen someone elses cpu-z and it shows pci-e under graphic interface.

Ok anyway heres my issue and many others it seems.
-on board graphics work fine
-turn computer off and plug vid card in (radeon hd5570 )
-turn computer on, nothing happens. Computer doesn't boot at all and screen just stays black
-fan on vid card is spinning

system specs
windows xp pentium4 3.0ghz
3gb ramm
pci-express 1.0
intel mobo d915grv

So for some reason the pci-e just isn't working. My only idea is either the slot doesn't work/fried. Since the vid card is pci-e 2.1 and mobo is pci-e 1.0 there is an issue. Any other suggestions or ways to fix this? Whats going on here folks? Any suggestions?
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    Did you change your primary video source from "on-board" to "PCI-e" in your BIOS?
  2. Will try that but the problem is.... When vid card is plugged into pci-e slot the computer wont do anything. Bios wont even come up.. nothing comes up. Just black screen. Computer powers up and does nothing.
  3. Well that was easy hahaha. I guess thought it was a bigger issue then it was. I had to restart with onboard and vid card unplugged. Went into BIOS and for some reason the PCI-E was disabled. Enabled it. Restarted with new vid card in and everything works. How wondeful! Thanks for the help dude. Even though that should have been first thing I tried.(oops)
  4. Ok your welcome.
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