Need price estimate for old custom build I wish to sell..

Hey everyone.

I'm trying to raise money for computer parts so I can build a new computer. At the moment I have a functional desktop computer that does not run the games I want it to. It is, however, a decent computer for other stuff, and older games (run Unreal Engine 3 games just fine).

I used cpuid to find my specs, and came up with this:

-Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 2.00GHz

-Motherboard: Elitegroup Computer System Company, Model: 945G-M3, Chipset: Intel i945P/PL/G/GZ, Rev. A2, Southbridge: intel 82801GB (ICH7/B)

-Memory: DDR2, 2048 MB, DRAM Freq: 332.5 mHz (not sure which brand)

-Graphics Card: GeForce 8600GT, 1GB

-PSU: 450 Watts (not sure which brand)

-Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3

-Hard drive: 250GB

-Case: Nothing special, kind of ugly

Also note that the USB ports are kind of faulty. I can connect a mouse, keyboard, and one other USB, but it can't usually handle more than that.

I want to sell this over craigslist. Personally, I'm guessing I could sell this for between $200-$300, including a moniter (which is a Samsung SynchMaster 910T, fully functional but which some minor wear - one pixels worth of screen is green, and the screen position is no longer adjustable - it tilts down at all times).

Please let me know what you guys think this is worth. If you need any more spec information, let me know, I'll do my best to find it.

Thanks :)
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  1. You would be better off selling individual parts opposed to selling it as a system. Unless of course you post it on craigslist locally. I think the only thing of real value would be your're processor, Motherboard, and graphic card. Unfortunately even then your profit margins will be pretty slim, I'd say $200 with monitor would be a good asking point as a total system.

    I think your hardware is just a little too outdated.
  2. Yes I agree anyone that knows anything about computers would not buy this system at any price well maybe 50 bucks. You might sell it to someone as a kids homework computer or for a surf and e-mail machine... I would think 150 with the option for someone to haggle.

  3. Rage33, how much more do you think I could make selling the parts individually?
  4. Uh? idk maybe $25 for each component.... so $75 total, maybe more. Your specific market would be for cheap computer repairs or people looking for you're specific hardware... sorry man
  5. I sold my p4 2.8 HT IBM tower on ebay two years ago 5 mins after I listed it for $99.99. I think $99.99-$129.99, is a great price for it!!
  6. sell it off individually to second hand re-sellers as said before...a suggestion keep the hdd (considering the high prices)would save you money when building a new pc.
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I think I may try $150 on Craigslist and move down or strip it and sell parts individually if it doesn't sell.

    Should I include the monitor, or should I attempt to sell that separately?
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