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i have ASRock A75M FM1 AMD A75, geforce gtx 650ti , 550 watt ps, and AMD A8-3870K running windows 8 .what should i get for ram ? i already have 2 gn
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  1. ur mobo supports 2400(OC) and1866(OC), so get one of those.

    the OC, means that you may have to manually set it to be that speed in the bios, but it's just a drop down menu, and u select the one u got. no big.

    I like the G Skill ripjaws ram
  2. 2x 4gb
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    The A series of processors love RAM with higher clock speeds, so i've heard. I'd look for something 1866 or higher. Look for something of reputable brand (G.Skill, Kingston, Crucial or Corsair would be a few)

    Don't worry about if the RAM has heatsinks on it or not, it's just for looks these days.

    Newegg actually has a sale on G.SKill 1866 RAM right now! Doubt if you'll catch it in time but good luck.
  4. I got the g.skill 1866 in time.
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