560 ti getting too hot

hello there!
I got a problem with my 2 x 560 ti twin frozer II getting to hot when i run a burntest on furmark. i havent even been overclocking!
They climb to 95 C before i stopped the test, and the inside in the computer isnt that hot either. When i open the door, they go to about 86 C. Any ideas how to get it cooled down? rlly need help on this one :/
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  1. here is a picture of the setup if it helps.
  2. Simple solution, don't run burn test. Why would you want to anyway?
  3. Hehe, like Mousemonkey said, when you run a burntest your GPUs is 100% usage, it should IDLE at 41C. You run burntest only when you wanna test the stability of your Overclock results.
    And also you can set a side fan to cool down the GPUs a little.
  4. ahh, okey. but still, should it go over 100 C?
  5. over 100 ? it shouldn't go above 85C, even while gaming you should get about 70-75C
  6. My GTX560's can hit 81c and 78c respectively whilst gaming.
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