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I want to add my cpu-z validator banner as a signature under my posts.

I already figured out you can add it at 'my profile'->'forum options'.

On my personal validator page, there is a link you can copy-paste which seems to be designed for use on a forum. However if I paste it in the signature bar and press 'submit', the image part of the link (marked by ) seems to disappear, leaving only the url behind.

This results in litterally showing the url under my posts instead of an image of the banner which links to my validator page.

Does anyone now how to fix this? Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with the site?

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  1. Check out the styling guide here.

    Make sure you have the whole URL.
  2. Thanks for the nice guide!

    The format of the banner is the following:
    [url=link to the validator page]

    The problem seems to be that when I enter this entire link in the signature bar, the part is erased after hitting submit and only [url=link to the validator page] is left behind.

    So I get as signature litterally: [url=link to the validator page] :( (see signature of this post)

    However when I add that link to a post, everthing is rendered perfectly. Very strange.
  3. Try this:
  4. You don't need to have the part in there. Just put your url
  5. aford10 said:
    You don't need to have the part in there. Just put your url

    Doesn't work either. It seems to erase everything it finds of the form . In that case signature bar is left empty :??:
  6. test
  7. Looks like it's working.....i had an image in my sig.
  8. I my case it doesn't matter what I type between . It's always gone after clicking submit.
  9. Solved it. I always used the UK version of the forum. Went to the US version and there the img part doesn't disappear.
    Think this should be reported to the administrators though.
  10. The UK mirror has some real issues. The admins are aware of it, but I don't think anything is going to be done soon. There is a platform upgrade coming, so I think that mirror may be addressed at that time. Thanks for the update!
  11. Thanks

    One more question however. Is it possible to set the personal quote in italics? The classic notation with the i's does not seem to work (also tried the US mirror)
  12. Nope, it doesn't look like it.
  13. OK then. Thanks for helping me out with this.
  14. You're welcome
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