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Corsair LP Ram + Notua NH-D14

Hey guys I'm building a PC and i'll be overclocking my FX 8350 using the Noctua NH-D14. It will all be installed in either a CM HAF 922 or maybe a Fractal design R4, i haven't really decided yet.

My main question is, Will Corsair vengeance low profile ram fix underneath the Noctua NH-D14? I know this thing is massive.
Heres a link to the ram:
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    It fits, without any worries, it's low profile ram,one of the recommended ram with that specific cooler, it won't block the cooler.
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  3. thanks :)
  4. Yes.....but Id suggest te Phanteks over the Noc....equal or better thermal performance, betetr aesthetics and 5 year warranty instead of 1 year.,14.html
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