Should I wait to build my computer?

I planned on building a new gaming computer this month but I just recently found out that the radeon 7000/gtx 600 series are suppose to come out Q1 next year. So, This makes me wonder if I should just hold out on it and see if the performance is better on the new cards... Of course nobody really knows what kind of price it will be but some say it shouldn't be too much more then the cards now(which again, Is a rumour so probably will not be true).

Do you think I should just hold out and see if the new cards are better? I also hear that the new ivy-bridge cpu's come out around Q2 but I probably won't wait for that. I am also in no hurry to build this computer, I would much rather wait and get something better. So what do you think?

Also, I was going to build a computer with a gtx 570 and a i5 2500k.
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  1. If you are not in a hurry then wait. HDD prices are still coming down, HD7000 is coming out (even if many of them will be re-brands), we'll know more details about the nature of socket support for IB, etc. and as a general rule, if you can wait, wait.
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