Asrock z77 fan running too fast even at lowest level

I recently bought the asrock z77 motherboard and replaced my gigabyte p67.

I noticed that ever since installing the new mobo, the fans have gotten really loud. Speedfan says that they are going at max speed, so I went into the BIOS and turned the settings to automatic. There are settings for "fan target speed".

I set the target speed to the lowest level "Level 1", but even now the fans are still louder than they were with my previous motherboard. Speedfan detects that CPU fan is at 1351 RPM and chassis fan is at 815 RPM.

CPU cores are all sub 50 C, so these speeds are a bit unnecessary (and the noise is a bit annoying). Does anyone know how to get the motherboard to stop overestimating how much fan is needed?
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  1. When you say chassis fan do you mean the rear case fan? I put the CPU cooler on the CPU_1 header, the rear fan on CPU_2, set auto to level one and target to 60C (maybe you have the target set low?).

    Mine is super quiet.
  2. Ah, my target is set to 50 C by default, that might be why. Thanks for the tip, I'll experiment.
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