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I bought a new psu , Zebronics Platinum 500w. But it has 20 pin connector and also 4 pin connector attached together and these two are covered by good covering, but i cannot connect the 4 pin to my motherboard atx power for CPU. Is it good to tear the covering and connect it to mobo to make it reach the CPI or is there any other ways ?
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  1. Hello james124;

    Don't rip apart the 20+4 connector.
    Use the separate 4pin ATX 12v connector

    Zebronics Power supplies >> Platinum series >> ZEB-500W

    24 (20+4) Pin Connector x1
    -> ATX 12v 4 Pin Connector x1
    EPS 12v 8 Pin Connector x1
    PCI Express 6 Pin Connector x1
    Peripheral 4 Pin Connector x4
    SATA 15 Pin Connector x4
    Floppy 4 Pin Connector x1
  2. Hmm, but that 4 pin is like flat white color ?
  3. -> ATX 12v 4 Pin Connector x1
    it is Floppy drive power cable and not 4 pin ATX +12 volt power cable
  4. -> ATX 12v 4 Pin Connector x1 It's the PSU +12V Aux power connector

    Floppy 4 Pin Connector x1 is the Floppy drive power cable.
  5. Floppy:

  6. yes i see its listed, but its not there o.O
  7. Zebronics Power supplies >> Platinum series >> ZEB-500W

    Do you think it should be there?

    Where did you get that PSU?
  8. I bought it from my computer store, skyline computers, any possibilities of using an P4-12V (4Pin) connector Extension Cable ?
  9. There should be EPS/ATX adapter cables to change the EPS 8pin PSU cable to ATX 4pin PSU cable.
    You definitely don't want to use the 20+4 4pin connector.

    Does the EPS 8pin connector look like it's designed to split into a 4pin connector?

    If there is room for it to fit - you can use the EPS 8pin cable on the 4pin motherboard aux CPU connector.
  10. Best answer
    Athena Power Model CABLE-YEPS828 6" EPS-12V 8-pin Y-splitter
    Splits 8pin EPS cable into 4+4 and 8pin connectors. You'd use half of the 4+4 connector.

  11. Another adapter:
    StarTech EPS48ADAP 6in 4 Pin to 8 Pin EPS Power Adapter with LP4
  12. pal really thanks. They joined 2 four pins to 8 pins, also they listed specification wrongly. But thanks to you sooooo much, i connected 1 of the 4 pin :)
  13. Best answer selected by James124.
  14. Glad it ended up being a quick & easy fix you.
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