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I built this computer not so long ago, I can easily play any DX11 titles maxed out. (WoW and Dirt 3 are the one I've tested) When it come to older titles like GTA IV and stuff that I believe run on DX9, my monitor randomly lose signal and it is very frustrating as I can't find a way to fix this ^^

I have a AMD X4 955+ BE
4 gig of ram
Radeon 6850
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  1. Try differents cables/ adapters if you're using any. If it's still the same try a different monitor.

    Also update your GPU drivers to the latest ones from AMD
  2. Ill look for latest amd driver's when the site come back up. As for the cable and monitor, theyre the only one I have ^^ What are the chances it could be that?
  3. It could be alot of things.

    What other games have you tested aside from GTA IV?, does it slow down or crash after it loses signal?
  4. Games that have crashed up to now on this PC are GTA IV and Dragon's Nest. I also bought GTA Episod from Liberty City but havnt instaled it yet as it's probably runing on the same engine as GTA IV. On the other hand, CS 1.6 works flawlessly but I don't think it run's on directx ^^

    When it loses signal, the only thing I can tell you is that the sound keep going for like 10 seconds then it stops but the PC doesn't shut down, fans and HD are still moving.
  5. Try uninstalling your drivers, download and run driversweeper under safe mode to clean all ati drivers from your HDD, then download and install the latest 11.9 drivers from AMD
  6. Meh, I though it was fixed... but it happened again after around 20 ish minutes.

    It feels like it happens everytime I get trough that one place in the game ^^
  7. I Assume you have to hard-shutdown the PC to get the image back right? Did you do the driversweeper thing?

    It might be the card overheating, download hwmonitor and let it run in the background while you play a game, then post max gpu and cpu temps here.
  8. Yes I have to hard-shutdown for it to get the image back and yes I did the driversweep thing under safe mode.

    I found out that by lowering the shadow setting from very high to high, it wouldnt crash. I gues thats one way to fix the problem but it still bothers me... How come an old game crash my PC when BF3 and Dirt3 dont...

    Ill do the hwmonitor tomorow as it's runing late ! Thanks for the help.
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