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BSOD : Trouble to download Pheoniq Bios , Intel Chipset.

January 30, 2013 8:28:47 PM

Hello, I have a lots of issue regarding out of date software driver ....... I can analyze my blue screen of death error code and update my networking driver .

I think the problem about my BIOS .... May I know the latest version for Pheoniq Technologies LTD... I have Pheoniq BIOS v1.19, Intel chipset, running Acer and Win7-32 .

There were several issue like out of date driver and the technician has sold the laptop with out of date driver and cause multiple BSOD. I have ability to debug kernel regarding this issue and my laptop looks like has several problem like registry problem , networking driver, and Intel chipset driver and I was shocked when I found it was from 2009, I bought my laptop 2011...

My BIOS information from Pheoniq Technologies v1.19 for Acer 4750G but looks like my laptop was using Intel chipset .

I went to Acer website and only other update like networking,Intel chipset driver ,broadcom card and networking card were correct and match with my laptop but I can't update BIOS as Acer website only provide Acer BIOS and not matching with my pheoniq BIOS .

To the best of my knowledge , when we want to update BIOS, we have to identify motherboard,version and chipset... I failed to identify the motherboard but I know about Chipset and my BIOS version... This is full report .

<v:type value="Phoenix"/>
<v:identifier value="V1.19"/>
<v:eval value=""/>
<v:signon value="None"/>
<v:D ate value="20110218"/>
<v:biosvendor value="Phoenix Technologies Ltd."/>
<v:biosversion value="V1.19"/>
<v:biosromsize value="2621440"/>
<v:chipset value="Intel 104 rev 9"/>
<v:superio value="?"/>
<v:videover value="PHOENIX"/>
<v:harddrive value="KjAKaGRzZXJpYWw9NlZFTkcyUUMKaGRtb2RlbD1TVDk1MDAzMjVBUwpoZHJldmlzaW9uPTAwMDFTRE0xCioxCg=="/>
<v:cpuid value="0206a7"/>
<v:p latformid value="4"/>
<v:microcode value="20"/>
<v:D isprev value="9"/>
<v:p chmodel value="1C49"/>
<v:p chrev value="4"/>
<v:vt value="1"/>
<v:videobuild value="2098"/>

I don't want you all having trouble in finding solution for me,I only want to know what is the latest version for Pheoniq technologies BIOS v1.19 and Intel 104 rev 9 chipsets . This is for HOME computer and not server computer or worktstation.

Pheoniq Technologies didn't seem bother about the costumer who use third party BIOS with different manufacturer of Chipset and motherboard . They only redirect me to third party wesbite called BIOS plus agent and we have to pay to download for software. I just wanted to know the latest version for my BIOS .

I can pay surely or going to techician and upgrade but I usually want to solve it for myself .

Pheoniq Technologies sucks as they only provide BIOS and no support, I better use BIOS provided from Acer website or Intel BIOS .

I wanted to blame my original technician who install out of date driver from 2009 and I have to upgrade myself and I have to pay more .... I was so sick about this. The monitor also crappy, when the warranty expired, I have to change my monitor as I got blurry screen... DUH...

Please help me, I don't want to pay more... Looks like some manufacturer scammer , they provide shitty service and we have to pay more , we have to pay only to update BIOS or something. Some computer seller or vendor often provide out of date driver and we have to upgrade ourselves , they also assembled cheapo component or using many third party component from Chinese .

Many people will encounter this problem at least once in their life. Thank goodness as I'm also Technician for myself and know about software . If I were totally noob, I will confuse and burn my money to pay for Technician and confused hundred of times as some technician also don't understand what happened . I love my laptop and I don't want other to see what going on and material in my laptop . Thanks.

May you provide direct download link to download the latest BIOS for my chipset and motherboard ?

Sorry, I know that my question quite tough .