Video card hotter in new system, normal?

Upgraded from a m2n-sli deluxe, amd x2 5600+, 450 psu to a gigabyte 990fxa-ud3, 8gb ram, phenom ii x4 955, and 750w psu. With the new setup my video card runs hotter than it did. About 10-20 degrees on load (sits around 55-70.) Is something wrong or is the video card just being used to its normal capacity/old gear was holding it back?
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  1. Well, the whole system will be a little hotter i think and it could be indeed it's giving full workload now. Didn't see which gpu but i think 55-70 under full load is fine.
  2. Yes, what's the GPU? If it's decent, then it certainly could have been bottlenecked before. What are you using for load testing?
  3. Oh, I did forget to post it.. It is a 450 GTS (aging i know.) Planning on at least a 560ti by xmas. Just debating weather to wait for a price drop and get a better one or sli 2 560s.
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