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so im planning a new build and i need some help. First let me start by saying what im using it for. I mostly want the computer for gaming. Mostly bf3. i would like to be able to run the game on ultra, or around there.
So all i want if for you people to plan out a build that would be good for that, keep and mind that my budget it no more than $1000.
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  1. Hi! Welcome to the forums.

    Please give us a bit more information by filling out this form here: It will let us know what you need and where to get it from.

    That said I can tell you that you should aim for an Intel machine (with an i5-2500k) with an AMD GPU (probably a 6950) to tackle this game. Should tackle the game on high without problems. I'll give you more information once you fill out that form ;)
  2. Approximate Purchase Date: not very sure yet

    Budget Range: ~1000 with shipping and tax (my state has tax for online ): )

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, high overall performance

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

    Country: usa

    Parts Preferences: IF POSSIBLE intel cpu

    Overclocking: Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

    Monitor Resolution: not sure

    Additional Comments: I would like for the case to be big enough if i ever go into SLI or Crossfire , or any other upgrades, oh and im not even looking into a water-cooled system
  3. The Verge have just published a great article on building a $1000 gaming PC (This was posted an hour ago)

    The only thing I'd mention with regards to that, is upgrade the GPU if you want to play BF3 on Ultra (their system will play it on high comfortably). Save money by getting a standard optical drive, or possible none at all. Alternatively get an i5-2400 rather than the 2500k if you are not interested in overclocking.
  4. ^ the build above isn't bad. I would substitute an ASRock Gen3 board and cheaper ram (along with a Hyper 212 EVO cooler) and it would be pretty perfect. Maybe drop the SSD.
  5. There is no single component than I would recommend higher than an SSD (even if a very small one) at this particular time.

    The bottleneck of most systems when booting an OS, launching applications, and reading files is in the hard drive, and the only way to get rid of this is with an SSD.

    Getting a $100 SSD will make a massive overall difference, much more than a $100 upgrade to any other component would cause.

    Add in the fact that HDD prices have gone through the roof and will remain high for a long period of time and now seems like a great time to invest in an SSD.
  6. well i dont think the booting speed of the OS really matters, how often are your going to turn on your computer? And what about a amd phenom ii x4 970? its allot more affordable and doesn't seem much different. Im allso thinking of the evga 560ti super-clocked edition.
  7. The Phenom II 970 and the 2500k are worlds apart, seriously. Don't even compare the two.

    You can easily match the "super-clock" with 5 minutes of overclocking. Seriously. Install one program and drag one bar. It's that easy!
  8. well how about the i5-2400 i dont think i'm over clocking, i5-2500k plus a good enough gpu and everything else isn't in my budget :(
  9. i5-2400 should be good for your build.
  10. Sounds good! The i5-2400 is $180 right now, good buy. Grab it and a cheaper P67 mobo and you should be rocking and rolling! Skip the SSD if you must.
  11. what about a gpu for bf3, 6950, 560 ti, maybe i could squeeze in a 570
  12. 560 Ti or 6950 are fine. A 6970 if you really wanna push the envelope. It can be done but it'd be a tight fit in your budget.
  13. so what would you guys suggest for a case?
  14. I have heard good things about the CoolerMaster HAF series. Personally I just got a HAF 912, but with your budget you could probably go with the HAF 922 or 932.|11-119-197^11-119-197-TS%2C11-119-160^11-119-160-TS

    But there are plenty of quality cases, so it comes down to your personal preference.
  15. I think the HAF 922 is a great case. Other notable cases in this range are the CM Storm scout, the Antec 300 illusion, the CM 690 II (692) Antec 902 and the Corsair 400R.
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