How to connect 3 monitors?

I have 2 XFX HD6870 cards in crossfire in my system but when I try to connect three monitors only two if them work. I am using the DVI ports, two on one card and one on the second. I can run two no problem and can swap the third with one of the two and the monitor itself works fine so I know the monitor itself is working just cant run 3 from the dvi. Is there a solution for this problem?
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  1. Hello biggmann,
    There is a solution to your problem.
    To run more than 2 monitors in eyefinity you need either a native displayport monitor or active displayport adapter. In your case you will be using DVI ports to you will need an active displayport adapter.
    Here is one -
    Get the adapter.
    Then hook up your monitors, 1 via dvi, 1 via dvi, 1 via active displayport to dvi.(By the way hook all of them up to the same video card.

    Also if your video card has mini-displayports instead of displayport, choose this adapter
  2. To run Eyefinity, you need an Active Displayport Adapter, which is connected to either the DP or Mini DP Port.

    The other monitors are shared between DVI/HDMI depending on card outputs.
  3. I got the mini dvi to dvi adapter but I still cant get the three monitors to work properly. I am wondering if there is a setting somewhere I can change or something I need to do in order to get these things working.
  4. Here is a list of validated displayport adapters.

    I haven't used Eyefinity for a while now, but you had to have an ACTIVE (ie USB powered) adapter:
  5. mini DISPLAYPORT not mini dvi, u gotta connect ure monitors to the two dvi and the DISPLAYPORT on the SAME card
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