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Okay Im sorry for making a second post with the same subject but here I have more detailed info.
I'm trying to Overclock AMD FX 4100 4x 3.6ghz and I think i need help cause I can't go higher than 4.2ghz (with voltage increasing) and I might be doing something wrong...

Now what I do is JUST increasing the Multiplier and the CPU Voltage, here take a look....

People say that they clock it to 4.2 4.3ghz with default voltages .. i can't! My default CPU Voltage is 1.4125

Do i need to increase anything else than the Multiplier?
Do i need to increase other voltages than the CPU Voltage
What Is stopping me to go higher?
Thanks for your time!
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  1. All cpu's are different so you can't compare yours with "people".

    Google "how to overclock FX4100", I'm sure you'll find all the info and youtube videos to satisfy your needs.
  2. I already tried ...
    What is worse now... is that from 4.2ghz i set the default options in BIOS and tried not with multiplier increase but with FSB ... FAIL! Now i can't stabilize EVEN with 4.2 ghz at the same voltage as before.. not fair....
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