What do you think of budget office/multimedia build?

Thansk to some good friends I was hooked up with some nice parts

so this is my new build

CASE - Black Chiefmax FC-DV21M Small Footprint Aluminum MicroATX Case for Media Center PC
with a 80mm Red LEd and 120mm Red led fan
gift from friend

PSU antec earthwatts 380w [...] 6817371005
(got it for $29 with shipping included online)

Phenom II x 4 925 2.8 Deneb C2 (free-gift from friend)

ASUS M4N68T-M V2 NVIDIA GeForce 7025 Socket AM3 mATX Motherboard w/Video, Audio, GbLAN & RAID
christmas gift from friend

2 x 2gb Patriot ram DDR3-1333 CL9
$20 free shipping on Newegg

Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200.11 32mb cache (?)
pulled out of Free agent desktop I got from a secondhard store for $20
passes all diagnostics

Asus 24x DVDrw Double Layer
$20 on newegg free shipping

Liteon 16x DVDrw DL and lightscribe
free from friend

MSI HD 5670 GDDR5 512mb from old build (bought for $80 almost a year ago

ATI Theater Pro 550 TV tuner ($23 with shipping included Ebay) using comcast converter

Asus Xonar DG 5.1 w/ headphone amp ($35 with shipping on Newegg

so this is a $200 build (thanks to some great guys)
meant for MS Office,
encoding/transcoding/rendering with Cyberlink Power director 9

and gaming on lower res and settings
1680x1050 is fine
or 1920x1080 on lowered settings is fine also
currently use the HD 5670 to play Crysis 2 at 1920x1080 DX9 Hardcore setting
with a C2D 3ghz

I am thinking in a few months of getting a HD 6770,HD 6850 or GTX 460
all depending on price
plus go with 2 x 4gb ram to max out at 8gb

hopefully can oc the 925 to about 3.5 on air

any opiniosn,rants and raves even pure insults or compliments are appreciated :)
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    Get that GPU. That'll make the difference.
    Good choice of PSU.
    You don't really need more RAM. It wouldn't hurt, but the money would be better spent elsewhere (GPU).
    DG's a waste of $35. You won't notice the difference between a discrete card and mobo sound without giant headphones that need the amp.
  2. thank you
    I got the card because I use a analog out Creative 4.1 surround system
    plus eventually want to invest in good headphones
    with wife,kid and mother in law in the house I need it

    also want to get one of the MAudtio recording sound cards
    since I like to record vocals,guitar and keyboard

    I am a real music freak LOL

    also an old timer that was just used to having a sound card in the tower
    it is nice to have the extra inputs and outputs if nothing else
    plus the Asus audio program they supply is pretty darn good
    at least a $20 value itself
  3. kajabla said:
    Get that GPU. That'll make the difference.
    Good choice of PSU.
    You don't really need more RAM. It wouldn't hurt, but the money would be better spent elsewhere (GPU).
    DG's a waste of $35. You won't notice the difference between a discrete card and mobo sound without giant headphones that need the amp.

    I agree with most of what you say

    really only $30 for 8gbs DDR3 so cheap now
    so I figure get it before it gets too expensive later

    and a GPU upgrade is planned for May or so
    that is when USA tax refunds come in
    and my birthday LOL

    so Daddy is getting a new card

    tempted by GTX 460 1gb if still available
    or HD 6850

    we will see
    with the new cards lineups coming out soon
    lets see how the prices go
  4. Too expensive later! This is the tech world! Things get cheaper and cheaper.
    That CPU should be OK up to about the 6870 level. Then you'll start bottlenecking in GPU-dependent games. In more CPU-dependent games, like Skyrim and SC2, you'll CPU-bottleneck at the 5770 level.
  5. I was thinking about that
    I am just using a 125w AMD stock HSF for now
    but I do want to get a better cooler later
    and I read the 925 can get to 3.5 OCs pretty easy
    and I am not an ultra maxed out setting person
    so a 6770-6870 level of card is fine

    I am using the HD 5670 currently and it plays my games okay
    so something like a HD 6770/6850 or GTX 460 768mb would be fine for me

    I am more of a multimedia and video editing person than gamer
    I like to work with video alot and record streaming content etc

    also switched to this case for budgetary reasons

    it is basically a crap temporary case until I can save up for something better
    $15 with free shipping

    later on jan or feb
    will go with this case

    I definitely appreciate you opinions
    you know your stuff
    but I figure if I can get a decent OC out of the 925 (3.5 or so)
    then I will be okay
  6. You'll need a cooler for that kind of OCing. Hyper 212 EVO's $34 on the Egg.

    Can you really not spare the extra $35? Just wait another week or something and get the other case. The difference isn't even worth the time you'll spend doing two full installations.
  7. wife is in hospital undergoing brain surgery
    budget is super tight
    money for my daughters christmas gifts is more important
    than daddys new computer LOL :)
    so I have to go super cheap

    if my budget can afford the Hyper 212 Evo then that is number one choice

    but for now looking at this one

    it has 86 5 egg reviews on The Egg
    33 4 egg reviews
    out out of 126 reviews
    so the feedback is good

    this is a nickel and dime build
    but trying to do the best with the budget I have
  8. That'll do.
    Hope she comes out all right!
  9. thank you very much
    she is a strong woman with a good faith in God
    (not trying to start a religious discussion-just making a statement)

    this build for me is my way of distracting myself and keeping my sanity LOL

    plus it is fun trying to do a super cheap build but keep the quality up

    I was very happy with the Antec Earthwatts 380w new for $29 free shipping

    granted it is not the most powerful PSU in the world
    but from a quality standpoint I dont think I couldve done better for $30

    just like that COOLER MASTER RR-H101-22FK-RA 80mm
    for $16 USD
    of course there are way better coolers
    but for $16 I dont think there is a better one on the market

    the whole "bang for buck" concept is a big thing for me
  10. You got hold of it at that price? Excellent. You can't do better than Antec.
    The Hyper TX3 might be $4 better (that's what it costs), but maybe not.
  11. I will look into the TX-3
    I am a big fan of newegg user reviews
    alot of noobs there but you get the real story
    I dont always trust website reviews because you never know if they
    are being paid off or not

    and Antec is always my number one choice
    for value vs performance I dont think antec can be beat
    the only PSUs I would consider besides them is the Corsair Builder series
    but would still go for the Antec more than likely

    thanks for your help
    I am going to select a best anwer now and that will probably close this thread
    if you ever want to chat shoot me a PM

    I like the way you give a honest opinion without being a fanboy or insulting

    I know it is not the strongest build by any means
    but for what I need it for and the cost
    I am pretty happy

    It will blow away my old Core2Duo 3ghz LOL

    and I am very thankful to have friends who let me have their old parts
    I am kind of a charity case right now :)
    but what they dont know is when I get back to normal
    I am going to pay them back as best I can

    also instead of original mobo
    my friend got me this one

    before I close thread
    what do you think of this mobo?
  12. It'll do.
    Eh, some website reviews are excellent. The issue can be their small sample size. Guru3d, if I remember correctly, got hold of a bad Z68 Extreme4 and got pretty angry at it.
  13. Cool thank you
  14. Best answer selected by king smp.
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