How to block certain wired devices from connecting to router

I have a linksys wrt54g router. i need to block all devices except one from plugging in a wired device into the back of the router. i tried the mac filtering, but i didnt work. Is that for wireless only?

I can also block local ips (192.168.1.x), and was going to go that route and only allow my local computer but i was afraid if i restarted my router or computer the ip would change and i would be locked out.

any thoughts?
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  1. you could change the LAN IP to and disable the DHCP.

    disallow all IPs between and

    then assign as a Static IP to your computer, Netmask is
    and Gateway is

    DNS Servers OR and
  2. If I can remember right there are two mac filtering options on that router, one is for wireless, the other is in the parental control section, and you setup a profile, like block port 80. and put the mac addresses you want to block.
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