New Build, Computer Freezing during installs or overuse

Hi Guys

I just finished my new build, mainly focused on running 3 screens for iRacing. Here's the specs:

MSI P67A-G45B3 MoBo
Intel i5-2500k
XFX DF 6950 2gb
Corsair 750w
G Skill DDR3 (2x4gb)
Samsung 64gb SSD
Hitachi 750 gb HDD
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

I installed Windows onto the SSD and whenever I try to run a Windows Update or any sort of install of any program, the computer freezes. It will download the files fine, but when it goes to install, it freezes.

I started off with 16gb of RAM, so I took out 8gb and...
Wiped the drive clean and did another install, same exact problems.

Tried installing to the HHD, froze in the middle of installing Windows.

I tried changing GPU's and PSU's and still nothing. I left the Task Manager up when I was installing and the CPU usage went off the charts.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

Joe Reuter
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  1. Hm. Happened when you tried installing windows to your Hard drive? Have you tried unplugging the Hitachi Drive and then installing windows to your SSD without the Hitachi drive attached? Could have a bad Hard Drive.
  2. will I have to reinstall? or can I just unplug the HHD?
  3. You can try just unplugging the data cable from the Hard drive. I know I've seen happen before if an external hard drive is attached to a PC, it will stall during updates. That said though, sounds like there may be something going on with your Hard drive due to the fact you can't even install Windows on it.
  4. I did a clean install without the HHD, and it seems to be working! Is it a bad HHD or was it just confusing Windows?
  5. It should install fine. The updates have been known to cause trouble if an external drive is connected, but with both of those being internal...not sure. Download the ultimate boot cd iso

    Perhaps unplug the SSD and leave only the Hitachi drive plugged in, and run the IBM/Hitachi Drive Fitness test tool to see if it shows you any errors. The other way to check would be install the drive, unplug the SSD and see if Windows installs and works. Possibly you could have gotten a bad drive but no way to tell without checking. Most drives are decent, but I've seen a couple of Hitachi's act wonky in my time, but you are dealing with electronics, so that's how it goes at times.
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