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I cld use the ram of course but is it worth it? I already have 8gb of 1600, Also if any other motherboards that are good that you know of price range 130- Id like atleast 7.1 surround or possibly 8.

also which is oen of the best models of on board audio . are they all about the same for quality and mic input ?

Wld these have no problem running a pci 3.0 ?
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  1. I'd go for ASUS for reliability, overclocking, and trust.
    8gB of ram is enough in most cases but you'll be the judge of that
    8 channel means 7.1 if I am right but do you really need that.
    Amd motherboard don't current have a PCIe 3.0 slot but all the current graphics cards works fine on a PCIe x16 2.0 slot.
    Generally all audio devices are same but I think I've seen some motherboards with better onboard audio devices. Board with good audio adapter
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