6750 & 5750.


Does anyone know if the 6750 has to be in the first slot on the motherboard when using this config, or can it be switched, My MB is a 970a-g45
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  1. If you're asking if you can use these two together, no.
    They have to be the same series card
  2. No you can't, you must use cards with the same family, like 57xx with 57xx or 67xx with 67xx. If you has 5750 and 6750 then it's not gonna work.
  3. wow...
    I was wrong this whole time, thank you for the info, KasiorMC. :)
  4. I believe the 6750 has to be the primary card (first slot). Since they are supposed to be identical cards, it shouldn't matter to you anyways, so just put the newer card in slot 1.
  5. There's no sence in getting 6750 *unless it's cheaper* if you already have a 5750, because it's gonna work as a 5750.
  6. 6750 = 5750 theyre basically identical so it shouldnt matter
  7. ^if 5750 is cheaper it matters.
  8. ^ if theyre not it doesnt :)
  9. Technically, the 6750 firmware supports decoding 3d blurays while the 5750 doesnt...
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