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Duel monitor video card for m4a78-em

I have a
30" 2560X1600 monitor and
a 21" 1920X1080 monitor .
I am currently using a 8800GTS (320Megs), it can't keep up.
I am looking for a new video card that handles my monitors, keeps up with Adobe Design Premium CS5.5 and fits on my M4A78. Video card clearance is about 12".

My current gear -
AMD X4 620 on a Azuz M4A78-EM motherboard
8 Gigs of memory
Windows 7 Home Premium on an SSD (180Gig)
2 500 Gig Data drives 7200 rpm Sata
850 watt power supply

The next upgrade will replace the memory, motherboard and CPU. I would like a video card that I can carry onto the next system.

Thanks for the help, George Ruhmann,
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  1. You plan on doing any gaming? How much are you willing to spend?
  2. No, I gamed out about twenty years ago. I am aware that a nice game setup really puts the punch into photoshop, indesign, etc. Money depends on whether I can carry this card onto the next system. Not more than three hundred dollars.
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  4. Thanks, I'll now see what adobe says about this card. At first glance it looks great.
    For $300 I will dot my eyes and cross my tees.
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