MSI 661FM2-V-LSR Board wont play headphone sound in Windows 7

I have installed the v6305 Realtek drivers for ALC 655 from here (the Realtek website):

Sound doesn't play through front or back panels. Have disconnected front panel now for testing.

Am I using the right driver?

Odd notes:

1. Can see that there is sound going through the speakers. The levels next to the icon rise and fall.

2. Cannot change the Default Format on the advanced tab.

3. Cannot find any options in the Realtek Control Panel to set as headphones, or to change front and back panels.

4. It is enabled in BIOS.
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  1. Make sure you haven't accidentally muted windows sound.
    Try downloading the driver from the MSI site instead.
  2. Unfortunately the MSI site has no drivers for Windows 7.

    It's not muted.
  3. Your best bet is to uninstall the sound driver that you have installed then go to device manager and search Internet for drivers. Also enable find updates for devices in windows update.
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