Core 2 Quad Q8400 upgrade?

I have the ASUS P5P43TD motherboard and the highest level CPU upgrade is to the Intel Pentium Dual-Core series. I woudl like to upgarde my CPU (Core 2 Quad Q8400) but not break the bank but get noticable improvemnt in processing power. Whether that's in teh Dual Core or Core 2 Quad family is ok. Whatever gets me more bang for the buck.
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  1. Are you saying You want to upgrade your processor(core2 quad q8400) to something more powerful? If not what processor you currently have?

    If you currently have the Q8400 I'd say that you do not upgrade it as investing on such an old processor is not wise. Also computer components that old are really hard to find and are expensive too. You better get a new system.

    If you don't want to get a new system get a q9600 from eBay. That processor is very fast but also costs a lot.
  2. I currently have the Q8400 but not sure I want to get a new system. My mother board is limited to what I can upgrade to unfortunately.
  3. Keep your current processor it is pretty fast and if you want better results just overclock the processor. Upgrading will be a headache
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