Power supply shorting out when atx12v connected

Alright, so my power supply is shorting out when i have the 4 pin atx12v cpu power connector plugged in. When it is un-plugged the psu starts fine. I have replaced the psu with a brand new one and the same problem persists. Testing with a meter the atx12v connector on the motherboard is shorted out. I took the CPU out and the connector is no longer shorted out. Has anybody else had this issue? Is it the CPU causing the problem? I don't have another CPU around to test with or I would.
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  1. What processor is it. I've seen some p4's blow but nothing core or newer based.
  2. Should have mentioned that earlier,

    MSI 880GMA-E55
    AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
  3. I too am having this problem. I RMA'd the PSU and got a brand new one, but now new PSU doesn't power on with ATX 12v leads connected. Any way to tell if this is CPU or Board related?
  4. I took a meter and found that the 4 pin connector was shorting out when the processor was installed, this was a system that's been running for a while. I have sent the processor to AMD and they are supposed to be sending me a replacement, I'll be sure to post on here if that fixes the problem or not, but i'm pretty sure that it's the processor that's causing it.
  5. Okay, so i received my replacement processor today and installed it. The problem persists, so now i'm starting to think it's the motherboard. I've taken everything out but the new processor and motherboard and it's still acting the same... :(
  6. Try taking a look at mosfets, Could be blown
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