Is this PSU can support 3x Crossfire ?

What should I look to know for sure if it can support ir or not ?
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  1. Probably, but which graphics cards?
  2. WR2 said:
    Probably, but which graphics cards?

    either 3x hd7970 3GB or 3x 680gtx 4GB.
  3. That PSU would handle a 4-pack of those cards.

  4. Two will be plenty for most people.

  5. And I'm happy about these parse. it seem like that CF > SLI again.
  6. You'll want to look thing over... pick your games. It's variable, by game, pretty much business as usual.

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    here is the review from

    It has 6 plugs for GPU, (PCI-Express Connector
    6 x 6+2-Pin) it can power 6 or 8 pin PCI-Express needs.

    So a 3way SLI/Xfire should be right up its alley
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