What does the 'ti' get you on a 560?

Trying to just take the plunge and order two 560 ti 2gb cards but I'm upset that between newegg and tigerdirect, my options are exactly one (the evga). I shouldn't be upset about this because my board is evga and my current gtx 280 is an evga, but to not have any choice just sort of has me irked seeing as how many 6950's there are to choose from (or does it just seem that way?). My new copy of windows 7 - 64 is just sitting on my desk waiting for me to bite the bullet and get an ssd picked out too, but I can't decide between the m4 and the vertex III. Curse you BF3!

Anyway...what does the 'ti' get you on the 560's? I ask because tigerdirect does have a 2gb 560 (not a ti) that seems to be cranked up a little faster than the evga and it's about the same price.



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  1. Look at the core count of the two cards, more cores are better.
  2. Mousemonkey is correct. Ti means the chip has more cores, meaning better performance. I recommend this one, not sure if you are going to use newegg, or are stuck on tigerdirect.com.

  3. The 560Ti is about 10% faster than the regular 560. I wouldn't bother with the 2GB 560 over any 560Ti unless you are gaming across multiple monitors or using an ultra high resolution single display (2560x1600 or 2560x1440). The extra RAM will not give you any extra performance on the vast majority of single displays.

    The reason you have so few options for 2GB 560Tis is the fact that the 560Ti only gets 1GB of RAM on its default specification. I think EVGA is one of the few manufacturers that is making a 2GB version of that card. The 6950 originally came out as a 2GB card (the 6950 is a cut down 6970 which as the flagship card got 2GB of RAM), with a cheaper 1GB version launched later, so there are more options on the AMD end if you really want the 2GB of RAM.
  4. I run a 30" monitor with native 2560x1600 so that's why I'm looking for two cards with 2gb's each.
  5. Why don't you get a 6970 instead?
  6. Cost, but I just purchased two 2gb Sapphire Toxic 6950's which appear to be able to essentially be 6970's with the mod last night before bed.
  7. 2x 200$ = 400$
    1x 300$ = 300$
    One 6970 is not more expensive than 2 GTX560Tis, but anyway good choice on 6950s.
  8. shrkbay said:
    One 6970 is not more expensive than 2 GTX560Tis

    Not more expensive but it is significantly weaker.
  9. In a holding pattern. Got the two toxics and unlocked the shaders on both. But I can't get crossfire to work. Latest tech support is saying crossfire can't be done on my board. That means three people that said it can and now one person that said it can't so it's apparently going to higher authority as I now own two of them...
  10. I need 2gb models. Having trouble finding 2gb 560ti's on newegg.com
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