Can This PSU Handle My Build?

Can this PSU:

Handle the Following Components:
Gigabyte GTX 550Ti:
ASRock H51M-LE:
Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.2 GHz:
PNY Optima 8GB Ram:
2 x Apevia 120mm Green LED Case Fans:

I'm fairly sure it can, and don't think I'll have a problem, but I am curious about the video card, is it able to handle it?
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  1. You know that raidmax is at the bottom when talking about quality and the ability to deliver its rated power?
    This would be a much better choice and capable to power your build.
  2. I have considered looking at that, but I am on an extremely tight budget, and that Raidmax is really the only one I can afford right now. It's unfortunate, but I really can't stretch my budget anymore than this. But I do need to know, could 530w deliver enough juice for the build?
  3. 530 watts is enough juice, the problem I have is that Raidmax has not always lived up to promises!
  4. here is a tool Newegg has to figure out what PSU to use..

    Also you might as well go burn two $20 dollar bills in your driveway and then buy a good Power supply as that Raidmax is most likely going to fail, and will take other parts with it.
    I would keep a fire extinguisher next to my desk with that thing...
  5. Why are you building a 1156 2 core anyway? You could build a much better 1155 i3 for the same money. $69.99 +5 dollars Mobo $127.99 -50 Dollars CPU

    Use the 45 dollar savings to upgrade to the PSU that was listed above.
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