Evga or asrock extreme4 asrock extreme4 evga

EVGA has the better chipset, but worst reviews. not sure which to get.
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    Both have different chipsets, it depends on what cpu you'll have/or have, the asrock z77 extreme 4 is a good z77 motherboard and it's for lga 1155 cpus, the evga x79 is a low end mobo, decent, but low end for its class and it's for lga 2011 cpus.
  2. yeah, I was either gonna get 3750k or something for 2011 if it was worth it.
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  4. I'll go with asrock
  5. The i7-3820 is the cheapest of the lga 2011 cpus, but still more expensive than the i5, and if it's for gaming, the i5-3570k is better and cheaper, so the z77 extreme 4 is a good choice with that cpu.
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