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Hi, I just built my first computer and had a few questions about the bios. It is currently displaying the CPU frequency at 3.30 GHz and CPU Temperature at 60 deg C. This seems really high to me. Should I just wait until windows is installed and download another program to check the core temps?

My specs:

MSI P67A - C43B3
i5 2500k, stock heatsink, but with articsilver 5 applied with line method.
Zalman z9 plus, with 5 120 mm fans.
antec truepower new 750 w
evga 560ti 1gb
2x2gb g.skill 1600 ddr3

Thanks for any help!
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  1. 60*C is high for idle temps. check if the heatsink are properly seated.
  2. I would agree with chinoroy. Pull off the CPU cooler, clean, then reapply AS5 and reseat...
  3. The plastic pins are extruding from the back of the motherboard and the hsf is pretty solid, so I would have to say its seated properly. Do you think I should just try to install windows or should I reapply the thermal paste? Oh yea, the ambient temperature is 21 deg C.
  4. Would recommend reapplying the thermal paste before moving on. Either you have a heat problem (thermal paste / heatsync / fan), or a problem with the sensor (hardware problem). Just not right for sitting idle in the BIOS. If it is accurate, when you install Windows the temps will certinaly get a bit dangerous...
  5. I reapplied the thermal paste and now its even worse! Its idling around 70 deg C. Im really frustrated and don't know what to do.
  6. You sure the thermal paste was a nice even layer? Something is not right there... Worst case you can pick up an aftermarket CPU cooler and replace the whole thing. You would be able to get a good overclock on that 2500k also.

    If replacing the CPU cooler (or tripple checking the thermal paste) doesn't help, then I would look toward the MB sensor as the problem.
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