Where to put my money into?

Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster (love saying that sh*t), anyway...

I seem to have this overwhelming desire to, once again, upgrade my PC, only problem is I earn pennies and can't afford to splash out on a brand new system altogether, can only really go for a couple things at a time (for instance, either graphics card or mobo + processor or RAM or a new hard drive etc etc).

Anyway, here's the specs I'm running with atm:

Asus M4A77TD AMD Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE (OCd to 3.7GHz, stock voltage, stock cooler)
4GB Patriot RAM CL7 Gamer Series running @ 1333Mhz
Sapphire 6850 1GB (OCd to 950/1050, core and memory speeds respectively, stock voltage, stock cooler)
320GB Hard drive @ 5000rpm (yeah)
EZCool PS-1000 700W (I was REALLY strapped for cash building this rig)

All I'd love to know, is where best to spend my money, as in, where would I see the greatest performance increase.

Many Thanks
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  1. If you are pinching pennies, then you probably aren't ready to drop $200 for a new GPU. Past that I would look toward upgrading the memory. Maybe upgrade the hard drive when prices on come down...

    MEM - 4GB more memory would be a nice and cheap upgrade. Not that is it probably necessary, but prices are low these days.

    HD - Better options are out there, but replacing it may not show you any real world benefits other than OS / application load times. In-game increases will be next to nothing.

    PSU - As you know... not the greatest, but perfectly fine for a single GPU system.
  2. You don't mention a monitor or a sound system. They are the two ways our digital pals interface with us and are therefore the most vital. If I had less than 1920 horizontal pixels, I'd be thinking monitor. If I had anything less than 5.1 surround with a sub-woofer, I'd be thinking sound system. Your rig is not weak as it is (for gaming---you don't say what you use it for). If you insist on upgrading one of the things you've named, I'd look at a 128G SSD, or at least a 10,000 rpm HDD when prices come back down. That will make for a more enjoyable time with your electronic buddy whatever you use it for. You can't do the CPU, mobo and RAM piecemeal because a more modern CPU will need a new socket mobo, and the mobo will need different RAM than you've got now. Your CPU is pretty darned good already for the mobo it's in, and you probably wouldn't see a difference with more of your present RAM. Your PSU could power Fukushima, and your graphics card is waiting patiently for you to buy it the rig it deserves.
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