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Which 6950???

I ahve one AMD Radeon 6950 with an Asus DirectCII cooler... However that's triple slot, and when I go crossfire, I want to know; how well will two 3-slot cards side by side stay cooled? I'm looking at these cards for the secondary:

which one would be best to use?
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  1. Firstly, Make sure you have space for 2 3-slot cards. From these 4 i'd pick the MSI one.
  2. I do actually have space. Only just though. So I should put the MSI one above, I assume, to leave the most space for airflow?
  3. Another point - the MSI is clocked at 850/5200, wheras the ASUS is at 810/5000... If the Asus is at the bottom, the back fan is directly above the bottom fan of my case, whereas the front one is above the PSU. I have a HAF 922. I also have a side fan which blows onto the cards... So would it be viable to clock the ASUS to the MSI clocks? Or would I not notice any difference anyway?
  4. You can get any card you want and then OC it, and i would go with the MSI ones the Asus Direct CU II will take a lot of space and bottleneck your move.
    The sapphire Toxic has a HD 6970 factory BIOS and it performs better than HD 6970 but they will run hotter and noisy.
    So sapphire Dirt 3 or Twin Frozer II is my recommendation both are great.

    Another thing, what's the hell with the prices ? $460 ??????????????
  5. In New Zealand our prices look a bit more; but that's about relative to it.
  6. This is remembering I already have one 6950, teh ASUS one?

    Only thing I'm worried about is temps. I have a 200mm fan blowing right on the sides of the cards though. So should two of the Direct CUII ones be fine? I just don't want them to get ridiculously hot, as the rest of my system says quite cool.
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    You shouldn't have any problems with heat, ASUS DCuII 6950 is well cooled and shouldn't have problems with heat when put in CF ;)
  8. So if the space won't make any problem just grab the Asus Direct CU II
  9. ^or the MSI TWIN FROZR III
  10. I might get the ASUS, as I can get a bit of a deal on that one.

    Thanks for the help!
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