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Windows Cant configure on my hardware?

I built a brand new rig:

Asus p8z68 deluxe mobo
intel i7 2600k
16gig (4x4) corsair vengeance ram
750w antec psu
evga engtx570x gpu
2 Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"
LG Black Blu-ray Drive SATA Model UH12LS28 OEM LightScribe Support

Everything is assembled correctly (from what I can tell, everything runs fine)
I put my genuine windows disc in to boot, while setting boot settings to boot from disc
I set up raid mode and raid0/stripe my 2 harddrives
Go to install windows and gets to the last step (completing installation) and it says windows setup cannot configure windows on this computers hardware
I've unraided both harddrives and set sata mode to ahci
Tried installing to each hdd individually. Gives me the same error
I've also tried (whilst having raid mode enabled with the hdd's raided) downloading the most up to date drivers, copying them to a flashdrive and while in windows settup adding the drivers manually.
It gives me the error this file is not for your hardware (or something to that effect)

Does anyone have any idea's as to what could cause these errors and why I can't put windows 7 on my new rig? I'm almost at a loss as to what else I can try
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    I had a heck of an issue like this once involving a windows XP CD and a finicky CD drive. it would get so far, couldnt read a file from the CD, and throw install errors. switched to another drive and it worked. But I am just guessing here. you could try installing windows from a USB flash drive
  2. Maybe it has something to do with RAID mode. Have you tried the install while the drives are in IDE mode?
  3. abekl said:
    Maybe it has something to do with RAID mode. Have you tried the install while the drives are in IDE mode?

    Aye I did. I ended up just sending one of my hard drives back to newegg and when I get some extra cash I'll just buy a solid state.
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