PC turns on, then off, then again on


When i turn on my pc, it turns on for 2 secs then off and then on again and it runs normally afterwards. It seems the issue is connected to the amount of power i recieve. I know that somehow, cuz i tried inserting GPUs which needs more power to run, and then pc wouldnt even start, but when i insert the GPU with less power requierment, pc runs smoothly without turning off. Ofc in the begginin i though it was PSU, but its new and its 700w, but somehow it doesnt use his powers fully, cuz i think with 700w i should run any GPU or any pc specs. Im thinkin its maybe my motherboard but im not sure.

PC specs:

Core 2 duo e8400 3ghz
ATI 4850
8gb DDR3 (2x 4gb)
PSU 700W 25A
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  1. What brand and model of PSU are you using? Often times Bargain PSU do NOT provide the power that they say they do.

    http://images10.newegg.com/BizIntell/tool/psucalc/index.html try this tool
  2. Ya! 25A on a 700W psu is pitiful !
  3. Ow and i think its 28A. Its like my pc is not gettin enough power....ow and i filled that PSU Calculator uve linked me, and it said minimum power recommended is 302 W :)
  4. you do realise that a lot of powers supplies that are sold cannot give the voltage written on them

    people who buy these power supplies are usually the ones that complain that there power supply blewup and took a load of components with it.

    the reason to go for a better quality power supply is, nearly all come with surge-protection.

    bassically they act like the fuse in your house it blows up and saves the rest of your components. instead of spending £400+ replacing components you can spend 60-100+ on a new power supply that saved you the money instead

    because they are usually more stable as well, your components live longer
  5. Thanks for all the replies so far. Can u tell me what do u think about this one, its PSU which im maybe goin to buy:

  6. or this one: http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6643

    But i like the first one better, cuz u can pull out the cables from it to gain some space. Wut do u think?
  7. This unit would be fine for your specs and will save you some money too!
    SilverStone SST-ST60F-P v 1.1 modular 600W
    Buy the 600 or 750W Silverstone.
    Coolermaster GX750 is a crappy unit.= stay away from it!
  8. one more:)


    which one u think its the best of these? Thanks again for your time
  9. For my money i'd choose a Corsair TXV2 either a 650 or 750.
    5yr warranty and 100% Japanese capacitors.= Seasonic oem
    No brainer imo!
  10. Thanks davcon.

    Can motherboards cause the lack of power?
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