X-fi Xtrememusic Sound card SB0460

Hi i have a sound card that was give to me for free and I was wondering if I should sell it or keep it.

It's a Creative Labs Soundblaster X-fi Xtrememusic Sound Card.

Is this a good sound card for gaming and music. It's pretty old but I was just wondering if I should use it in my new setup or sell it.

So if you can provide with more information on how good or bad this card is that would be great anyways thanks for looking and please help me with this card.
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  1. Hi :)

    Average card that has problems with Windows 7....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. oh so I should sell it or keep it?
  3. pdizzle said:
    oh so I should sell it or keep it?

    Hi :)

    IF you are using 7....sell it...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Probably ok 6-7 years ago on an XP system.
    Not a true X-Fi card but a rebranded AudigySE .
    I'd sell it!
  5. I know this is abit old, but davcon is totally wrong the SB0460 is an X-fi Platinum and is not a cheaper rebranded Audigy card. I bought this card when it first came out to replace an older ASUS card & have never used anything else. I did have a problem after Windows 7 came out with drivers but within a few months Creative came out with updated drivers and software. Honestly if this card ever dies on me I will be on ebay looking for another one. It is in my third new build as we speak lol.
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