300w HTPC power supply w/AMD E-350 and HD 7750? will it work?

I got a little HTPC project on my hands. I ended up buying an MSI e350is-e45 AMD based apu=cpu/gpu a couple months ago on the egg for $49.99 after promo and rebates. This is the slightly smaller miniATX as apposed to microATX

Now im in the hunt for a case with power supply combo and i should be able to find one for <$50, micro or mini cuz mini's will fit in micro.

Im noticing most have a 250-300w power supply which seems to be way overkill for this apu which from what i can tell have a max tdp of 16w on the cpu and 18w on the gpu for a theoretical total of 32w, although reviews show the total cpu+gpu burn to be at about 23w. Severely efficient.

So if i buy a case with a 300w power supply, lets say 70% efficient so 210w max, it seems totally plausible and highly likely that i could run a single AMD HD 7750(55w tdp, powered thru pcie slot) in the pcie16x(4x effective) slot that the board has. Keep in mind i will need a bluray drive as well, im not sure of the power draw there but it should be low.

How does this sound? Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks Tom's!!!!
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  1. PSU wise it would work. Physically getting the card in might be an issue + it will be bottlenecked by the X4 speed.
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