Asus M4A78LT-M LE & Radeon HD6950

The thread title says most of it - I have a motherboard bundle with an AMD phenom 2 6 core 1055T - after failing for an online self build this was a local purchase - it works perfectly fine and came with 4GB 1333 RAM 780watt psu no problems. I have a radeon hd 6950 graphics card that fits into the motherboard with no problems power connected fans spin etc - installed drivers off the disk which it came with but the system dosnt recognise that there is a graphics card.

Any ideas? system is windows 7 64bit - and on failed online build with a gigabyte motherboard the card did work until the motherboard broke.

cheers luke
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  1. Check that the IGP setting in your bios is disabled.
  2. lol I meant Enabled...
  3. Cheers i'll have to check that when im home - hope it works.
  4. its enabled - I think but only gives me a list of different order of preference for graphics - I changed it so that pci was first - assuming that this would make it the primary graphics card but still not detecting.
  5. When you intalled the drivers, was it with the GPU in or not? Do you have any output out of the GPU ports?
  6. I installed the drivers with the gpu installed - i have tried with a monitor plugged in to the card but nothing is displayed - other than the fan spinning and heating up theres no signs of it working
  7. OK but was the display cable in GPU or onboard???
  8. I have tried both - obv tried hdmi on gpu and dvi neither work but screen works when dvi plugged into board directly
  9. +1 to onboard not being disabled automatically!

    Set the boards default to IGP or PCI-e.
  10. Bios is most recent one I think version 801 - no option to disable but - primary video controller is on deafult with: gfx0-gpp-igfx-pci - i have tried a few combinations of the order but apparently makes no difference. This is a new mobo and new card - old board accepted the card very easily - was a gigabyte board but that messed up for other reasons multiple times and returned
  11. Keep playing around in BIOS, you will get it.
  12. Nope second option i think pcs going out of my window - i cant help but think all i need to do is disable on board graphics but there is no option at all - may just have to get a less awkward board
  13. update on this one - took the graphics card to a local computer shop who have confirmed that the card is faulty - I returned it to who were absolutely useless saying that my warranty was void without even testing the component to find out what was wrong - a very small fand blade of which there are 22 in total on the card was missing and apparently I should have made a thorough inspection on receipt of the goods. Despite the fact that cooling tends not to be a problem on a card that doesnt work in the first place.
  14. YEah they do that. The worst part is, even if you inspected it at home and took it back immediately it would have made no differance.

    Damned physical damage.
  15. Im not letting it drop - im going to talk to trading standards to see if there is anything i can do - if the card broke down due to overheating i could at least understand their problem - fact is I cant afford another card so need this one replaced :(
  16. Fight to the bitter end!!! Hehe in my country, we have a new law that they cant argue.
    Pretty awesome...
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