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please guys help me ...i need and ultra low budget motherboard(the lowest you can get)that works fine (without any problems at all) with the a10 5800k processor....and also it will be very kind of you if you could tell me if it will be available in India(Delhi) mainly and for how much ??
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    Since I don't live in Delhi I don't know any particular store, but you can get it over the Internet.
    The motherboard I specified is the best for what you pay.
  2. i read about this motherboard too ..i found it interesting and exactly the price i wanted...but i have reads some bad comments about this mobo and about this not working properly...hope if you could help me on this....or tell me if this works perfectly...
  3. There are a lot of complaints against all over the world and I know that but most of the problems they complain about are caused by themselves. If you'll be using the motherboard for overclocking I'd say get a better motherboard it I'd tell you not to overclock.
    You won't face a problem with that board if you know what you are doing, if you don't know we are always here to help. Stand clear of overclocking as this board is not meant for that.
  4. first of all thanks for the help : )
    yes i wont be using it for overclocking just some general use,surfing and light gaming but see this
  5. As I said in the previous post people generally don't know what they are talking about. You cannot judge upon reviews by random people, you have to turn to the professional for help.

    Another thing is that this motherboard doesnot support USB 3 or Sata 3.
  6. who do i turn to you sure it will be fine???
  7. As I said don't do anything that you don't know any you'll ne fine. Also you won't be overclocking so you are on th safe side.
  8. thankyou guys
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