Help with my Cable Management

I have a CM Storm Enforcer with a Corsair TX 750 V2.

I have so many cables I don't need. Theres like a pile of them at the bottom of my case. I've routed the cables I do use through the back, theres barely any room for the ones I'm not using

what do i do

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  1. Rip it all apart and start again,
    if you have a sata/molex line that is totally unused, then bundle it up with a couple of zipties,
    I would find a way to route them through the back somehow but as long as they are tucked neatly at the bottom they won't mess with your airflow,
  2. Moto's right; cable management is a pain. As long as they're out of the airflow paths you'll be fine but there's no right way to do it. Sleeve 'em, zip tie 'em, tie 'em to the framework, wrap 'em in EL wire to light it up, it's really all up to you as the builder of your rig
  3. I'd need better pics to come up with a decent plan, and i was on my mobile earlier when I answered,
    to get to invisicable standards you are going to have to put a hell of a lot of work in, most would say not worth it, hence the simpler advice given, just tuck em down and keep the airflow clear, you'll be fine,
    if you really want to have no cables on view, I'll help, but be aware that it is a very slippery slope to get onto lol

    Old picture, I have since tidied it up :P
  4. Whoa. I don't even see your front panel connectors. Or any fan cables. Amazing.
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    You can see a fanwire on this mod I did over my waterblock,

    and Fp cables are tucked behind mobo, obviously my tripleslot cards help though :P
    heres a shot with just one gfx card in, you can see how they loop under with the rest of the Psu cables,

    like I said, slippery slope hehe but very doable,
  6. Here's what I did with my Antec 900 cases:

    The relevant part is toward the end of the thread. I drilled some extra holes in the bottom of the case and zip tied the unused cables out of the way.
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  8. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to be of help
    P.m me if you need anything
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