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I can't see a wireless connection on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite) There's no icon on the bar next to the clock or in the network connections menu. It used to work fine, let someone borrow it, they reinstalled windows xp professional edition but the disc they used is actually for a Dell pc. I do not have the Toshiba disc that came with my pc, any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!!! Bird88
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  1. This probably isn't worth the effort since the system will fall over for lack of successful Activation in thirty days. However, double click the Network Setup icon in Control Panel and if there's a wireless connection there (doubtful with a boxful of Dell drivers in a Toshiba laptop) double click it and see if it's live.

    If it isn't there, go to System>Hardware>Device Manager, scroll to the items with yellow marks and try to find drivers for all of them. Then you'll need to 'phone Microsoft and regularise your position by buying a new PID for XP.
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