Will the Bulldozer fit into msi 760GM-931 board

Hi guys, been searching the net, but can not find the answer, can anyone help, ??

I am having a budget pc built, the board will be the msi760GM-931, I just need to know if the Bulldozer CPU will fit into this at later date, when I know which way AMD is going, ???

Many thanks, your time is appreciated,

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  1. Doesn't look like it, this link specifically mentions MSI and ASUS.
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    That MB does not support bulldozer cpus
  3. Many thanks guys, will there be any future for the socket 3 amd, I am going to start with the phenom II x4 3Ghz.

    Please, no Intel for me, my sister works for them, we dont speak, so I am staying away from Intel period, lol
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