Help with Grahics card for Inexpensive media center pc.

Don't know if this is the proper section, but I shall start off with first commending tom's hardware, when ever I have a question I would google and usually tom would show up in the first 3 results, I have been a reader of the forums for years and this is my first and not last post here. Okay, my build is a core 2 duo 2ghz 4gb ram (only 3 addressable by windows 7 pro 32bit) 128mb graphics card, my question is I am looking for an inexpensive graphics card, agp that is at least 1gb don't care if it's ati or asus or nvidia just want something inexpensive, something that can do the mediacenter brunt and maybe play some light games, I have laptop for game playing. So, I have been looking at the selection at fry's results
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  1. Hi! Welcome to the forums (as a member anyway ;) )

    Hmm. Are you sure it's AGP and not PCI-E? I don't remember C2D ever being on AGP.

    We'll assume you meant PCI-E. The best card that doesn't require an external power connector is the 6670. Can tackle games pretty well (don't expect to max BF3 but it could probably play it at medium haha) and is pretty cheap.
    If that's overkill for your needs a 5570 would probably be a good deal.

    Hope that gives you an answer. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply, this is the card that is currently installed clicky
    Also, my power supply is capable of supplying power to a graphics card that has 1 power port on it.
  3. Ew. That thing needs an upgrade!

    If you are doing only light gaming I think a 6670 is the best bet. If you'd like to do a bit more with your system grab a 6770 for $50 more. Your call!
  4. Looking at your reply and thinking about it, I have come across this video (don't know if it's fake) and I think that is a pretty good card. youtube
  5. Haha I don't know about playing it on ultra at 1080p. Maybe at 720p ;)
  6. Well, yeah, and frankly the most gaming this thing might see is hl2 or chuzzles. XD But, it's good to be prepared, also do you think a core 2 duo will bottleneck the gpu?
  7. Yes it probably will a little bit. Especially at 2GHz. If you are using a non-OEM mobo you might consider overclocking. If not just roll with the 6670 xD
  8. I decided on the 6670, mostly because that was what fry's had and also, this is a media center pc, I have my laptop for heavy gaming.
  9. Sounds good.
  10. Just need to download the drivers, can you believe that they did not even include a driver cd?!
  11. Probably a good thing! NEVER install the drivers that come on a disk with the card. EVER. Those are oftentimes very old and the manufacturer has released new versions by the time you get it. ALWAYS get the newest drivers from the manufacturer's website.
  12. Also, since it is a OEM MBO, is there any way to over clock it, do you know of any like hacked bios or anything? The computer model number is a Gateway DX420B
  13. Nope, you're not gonna be able to OC. Just be happy with what you have haha.
  14. Okay, well thanks. I can always just underclock the card. XD
  15. I don't thats how it works :lol:
  16. Or, I could upgrade the processor.
  17. Hey, there's an option! Q6600's can be found for around $75 usually. Check ebay or the [H]ardforum Classifieds (Sorry Tom's! They just have more people on the classifieds!)
  18. If I get a new cpu, are they usually like plug n play? I mean, if install it correctly it SHOULD recognize the new cpu and work correctly? Oh, one more thing, is it compatible with 64bit windows? Because I am thinking up upgrading my 32bit to 64 so I can use all my ram, also I am trying to do this on the cheap.
  19. Yes. Plug and play. And yes, it is. The cheapest way to upgrade Windows is if you are a student, or if you have one "lying around".
  20. So far I have only spent $99, the computer my history teacher gave to me (that's why it's windows 7 pro) and the ram I had lying around, pretty friggin sweet for a computer that can play metro2033 on medium settings with about 29+fps :D (I tested the demo)
  21. Funny thing regarding the drivers, my laziness actually worked out, the driver cd was stuck up under the card board insert for the box, I just now turned the insert upside down to see if I had missed anything in the box XD I look at the drivers on the cd and they are from like 7 month ago.
  22. Nice! Good job.
  23. Once I get the cpu I should be set.
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