Bottleneck graphics card for old pentium 4 3.0 ghz ?

I was wondering what would be the strongest card that my 5 year old single core p4 3.0 ghz can use without bottlenecking ???
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  1. Hmm, the board only support AGP card, right?
    Then the strongest card you can get is HD3870 AGP version...
    Not sure about bottlenecking, but that's the best you can get for AGP board, there's also 4670 AGP, but still 3870 is more powerful...
  2. no it supports pci-e and is currently paired with a msi geforce 8500 gt.
  3. Oh, so it's the one that support pcie slot, so this is it, even that 8500GT is an overkill for P4 CPU. So, better save your money, stay with 8500GT and BUILD your next gaming PC.
  4. ^ thats one route

    or he could get a good mid range card and when he has enough money for a totally new build he can recycle the mid range card into new rig.
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