Do i need an SSD?

I am getting parts for a computer i am going to build tomorrow and it would be really nice if i could save some money becuase its looking a little pricy right now. I am getting two drives, a 1 TB Hard Drive, and a 120 GB SSD for 129.99. I was wondering if i really needed the SSD for gaming like minecraft and gmod and things like that or if i could just stick with the HDD im getting OR possibly increase the size of the HDD if i need to. Plz try to answer quickly because like i said before i am getting my parts tomorrow so thank you for helping me out.
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  1. You don't need an SSD, but it's good to have. As an OS drive it'll increase system responsiveness nicely.

    You won't need more than a 1TB HDD for games...that's quite a lot of storage when you think about it.
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