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I dont know if this is the right place to post this so...if is not, please tell me where

I have a problem with the "SM Bus controller" and the "Universal serial bus (USB) controller"
I can find the drivers and i have goggled everything i can think off, and yes there are some answers but i can get them to work
I tried with Driver Robot but it doesn't help (works with every other driver except those 2, nice program btw)
i dont know what those drivers do but i just dont like that there is something mising in my PC :D (i read something about fan control but idk)


Windows 7 Ultimate
CPU: CORE I7 3770K
GPU: EVGA GTX 680 (i use evga precision x)
M/B: Asus p8z77-m pro (asus suite)

I dont know what else could be relevant, i would appreciate any help or tips on what to do to fix this
Thanks for reading :D
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  1. Go to intel website to download the chipset driver (SM bus controller included in there)

    And the USB driver go to ASUS website to download it.
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