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Can you please tell me which is better socket 1155 or 2011, motherboard maximus formula v or Rampage iv extreme
z77 i7 3770 or x79 i7 3820???

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  1. It really comes down to how much you want to spend.
  2. :) but if price is not a problem then wich one is better because they really close in price
  3. What is this for?

    If it's just for gaming, then an i5-3570k and a $150 motherboard is equally as good as what you've got listed, and you're better off spending more money on graphics.

    For other things, it varies... but you don't need such an expensive motherboard as the formula V.
  4. for gaming, buy a 3570K and a 200$ motherboard but if you are video editing and rendering then get a 3930K. 2011 socket processors do OC better though but even a 3770K (1155) can edit video just fine...
  5. Save cash and go for the 3770K
    Spend that saved money on a CPU cooler or an SSD
  6. It is for gamming yes, and the graphic i decided to buy asus 7950
  7. yes, buy that or an Asus GTX 660 Ti if you want nvidia...

    GTX 660 Ti vs R7950

    As you can see the results are back and forth. The GTX 660 Ti does well in some games and the R7950 in others and sometimes they are equal. Buy the card depending on the games you play.

    see this review

    there are a couple of games. R7950 kicks ass in Hitman Abosolution but fails in Assassins Creed 3
  9. thxfor the link,they are great help,
    I am battlefield 3 player so it says nvidia is better,but i never had nvidia before
  10. Battlefield, portal, crysis, Assassins creed, Black ops perform better on nvidia. Games like Dirt 3 and Hitman run better on AMD
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