Computer turns on and off mutliple times before booting up

I am using an hp pavilion dv6500, with Linux fedora 16 on it.

When the computer is completely off, when I press the power button, the computer turns on, the computer screen backlight turns on, with a little "_" symbol in the top left corner, and then the entire system shuts off. Then, it turns on again (by itself), but this time, the screen doesn't turn on. The computer stays on in this state from anywhere in between 2 to 7 seconds or so. The fan speeds vary as well, from lower speeds to the highest speed they can go. Then, the computer completely shuts off again. It goes through this cycle of turning on and off and then eventually the computer boots up just fine. The amount of times the computer shuts on and off changes constantly. Sometimes it boots up instantly, other times it does not.

I think I need to reinstall linux, because whenever I shut it down or put the computer into sleep mode it has this error message; something about failing to allocate something on usb channel 2 (no usb devices are plugged in). It also spews out some issues about a ramdisk. once its booted up, however, everything works fine.... Well, after a while the os will get really glitchy to the point that it is unusable and then i need to reboot. I assume that that is Linux's problem, though.

While the computer is trying to boot up, it doesn't give off any warning lights or signals, or make any beeping noises whatsoever. The battery was just replaced as well, and its working fine with the laptop.

Do I have a bad power supply, or could it be Linux or another component causing the problems?

Thank you for any feedback!
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  1. I have the same issue on a newly home built pc
    Psu thermaltake lite 600w
    Mobo gigabyte h61m 2spv
    Corei5 3550
    Hdd 500gb seagate i wonder whats wrong
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