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My question is about getting an IPS versus 3" TN monitors in surround. I was able to find 2 new GTX 580 3GBs on ebay for 1K and have them coming in the mail - however Im rocking a 27" 1920x1080 ASUS ve278q monitor.

Monetary concerns aside, I want to hear people thoughts on which would be the better gaming experience (3 monitors 5760x1080 or 1 IPS at 2560 x 1600)?

The main upcoming games I will be playing are:

Oblivion (w/ 200+ mods (gpu intensive ones too)
Mass Effect 3
Crysis 2

I realize that these 2 GTX 580s 3gbs are extreme overkill for my single 1080 monitor, just wondering if it would be a better experience to grab two more of the same Asus monitors (~$330 each) or an IPS $1200 (


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  1. I would go for 3 monitors myself but it's really a matter of personal preference(and budget in this case.)
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    if that dell 30" actually has that advertised response time then you should definitely get that. look at reviews of the 30" on popular monitor review sites....I forget the one I used when I bought my IPS. I personally don't understand the appeal of having the 3x monitor setup.

    I have been running a dell u2410 for over a year now and its pretty great. In many games having billions of colors really wont show, but others its totally worth it.

    I think a projector would be worth considering also since your into massive displays. My friend uses 3d on his projector and its really impressive on certain games. Also there is a 3d porn.
  3. Ok so we got 1 for the 3-monitor setup, 1 for the IPS setup + 3d porn... any others? Please share your experiences with either.
  4. It's hard to argue with 3D porn.
  5. What about the HP ZR30w ( vs the Dell 3011?

    Also, are 120HZ panels better for gaming than IPS? Any examples of such monitors? (and 3d projected porn while your at it.. :0
  6. The point of 120hz is for 3D.
  7. jyjjy said:
    The point of 120hz is for 3D.

    Got it, no 3D no point in 120hz.
  8. Yeah, 3D works with shutter glasses that alternate between an image for each eye. Most regular monitors are 60hz which means 3D drops it down to 30hhz effectively which is low, especially for gaming. Hence the need for monitors with a higher refresh rate.
  9. haha ya like they said, get 120hz for 3d only and no IPS screen is capable of 120hz unless im mistaken. Oh I would love to be mistaken in this. I dunno where u find 3d porn, but my frien has some sweet 3d strippers demo video n it is totally leet. the boobies has so much depth.
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